WMSight is a cloud-hosted analytics platform that sits on top of the warehouse management system to help improve distribution center operations. We also have a consulting practice specifically focused on supply chain centric business intelligence and data analytics initiatives.

Notably, we are experts in Manhattan’s Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) solution. Learn more about this practice here. We have experience in extracting more value out of these packaged software solutions among others: Warehouse Management (WMS), Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), Labor Management (LMS), Transportation Management (TMS), Inventory Optimization (IO), Forecasting, Demand Planning, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Slotting.





At one point we were consultants, traveling to a different client site (or two!) every month helping to implement business intelligence systems. We were often frustrated with unnecessary complexity, long implementation timelines, lack of focus, and varying degrees of adoption. Over the years we built on our engineering backgrounds to refine our processes and learn how to quickly and effectively implement these systems.

After some time, we decided to move “in-house” to build business intelligence capabilities within Fortune 500 companies. There we worked to solve both supply chain challenges affecting both small subsidiaries operations and strategic corporate initiatives. Contrasting our consulting days to the life inside corporate America, we further refined our skills in change management, adoption, system administration and long term value. We were successful in building real value for our employers.

But we grew restless. Corporate innovation can be a slow process. We continued to hear horror stories about tens of thousands of dollars (or more!) being wasted on under-whelming implementations. We envisioned a better future. We realized that supply chain operations were not taking full advantage of the latest techniques in advanced analytics. We knew we could deliver better value faster and cheaper by leveraging new tools, such as cloud computing, better programming languages, and scalable web applications.

So we surveyed the market. We researched best practices. We stayed up late at night coding, developing, and experimenting. Over time, through the meet-ups, long talks at coffee shops, and long lunches, we devised a plan, and from there we founded what is now WMSight.

We are leaders in supply chain focused business intelligence and data analytics. We support dozens of operations by running and maintaining their reporting, dashboard, alerting, and data analysis needs. We apply a data driven methodology to solving supply chain challenges such as facility design and slotting. But that is just the beginning. While we have a robust professional services practice, we have developed something bigger. We have developed a software platform specifically to complement Warehouse Management.

Let’s have a conversation about what that means to your operation.


  • We welcome change, innovation, and continuous improvement.
  • We advocate data-driven decision making in a world filled with data.
  • We practice an Agile approach to quickly deliver working software and solutions.
  • We believe that technology should be accessible. This means that cost or technical expertise should not be a barrier to adoption.
  • We believe all users should have access to the latest technology. Upgrades are for legacy software.
  • We commit to giving back.