supply_chain.pngSupply Chain Management


Interested in saving thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in labor and inventory costs? Interested in smarter purchasing? Interested in improving customer service levels? WMSight will put data to work to help in all of these areas.

Is your operational data store or enterprise data warehouse project taking months years to implement? Have you spent a fortune implementing business intelligence tools and still feel that there is no end in sight? WMSight will be up and running in weeks if not days. 

operations_copy.pngWarehouse Operations


Struggling to make data-driven decisions? Do small exceptions snowball into major issues? Tired of stressing out over meeting your operational goals? WMSight helps automate anomoly detection and recommend solutions to solve many of these pains.  

We have designed features specifically for each member of the operations team:

  • DC Manager
  • Inbound Manager
  • Inventory Manager
  • Outbound Manager
  • Industrial Engineer

professionals.pngIT Professionals


Aligning IT and supply chain operational goals can be challenging. WMSight seeks to eliminate that friction by placing more access to data and insights in the hands of operations. Furthermore, we have taken significant steps to place a very low burden on your IT team to implement and support WMSight. 

  • Simple installation (measured in days, not months)
  • Reduce IT request for data and reports
  • Low total cost of ownership