labor_spend.png  Enhance your Labor Management

WMSight can enhance your labor management system if you have invested in one. If you haven't, we can provide labor metrics based on WMS activity tracking and time and attendance data. 

monitoring copy.png  Activity Exception Detection

Let WMSight use big data concepts and machine learning to spot labor anomalies. Have you ever had employees trying to "work around" the system to inflate productivity numbers? Or possibly an employee is improperly trained on work processes? We have even seen instances where an employee tries to take a nap while on duty. WMSight can detect unusual patterns and an alert management to intervene. 

relationship.png Real-Time Visibility and Feedback

WMSight will help keep you monitor and engage with your employees in real-time. Our application is mobile ready, so you can take the info you need to have conversations on the floor.  Capture feedback, compare employees, and head-off issues before they impact your productivity metrics.